The experience achieved by annually surveying over 120 luxury yachts worldwide ranging from 30 to 200 feet in length is our distinctive asset. Our expertise covers most types of construction media from steel and aluminium Megayachts to carbon fibre racing machines, and 100+ years old classic wooden yachts.

From traditional sailing rigs to high-performance waterjet powered vessels we always endeavour to provide our clients with factual, fully-comprehensive, high quality Survey Reports.

Damage Assessments are normally requested by Underwriters, Insurance Companies and or large Insurance brokers to assess the cause and extent of marine incidents of various natures. Our services are retained by the above principals to assist their insured with local knowledge and provide independent, impartial and factual assessment of damage and supervision of the repair.

Incident investigations and Machinery / Component Failure analysis are performed to identify the cause of a marine loss. Forensic examination of a failed component or system can yield the root cause of the failure. With the technical assistance of some of the world best testing laboratories of each field (metallurgists, polymer and composites, etc) we can assist in determining weather a loss is covered by the insurance policy or not.

Marine Survey Bureau provides on regular basis Damage Assessment, Incident investigations and other insurance related surveying services to the largest insurance provider worldwide.

Furthermore, we are fully authorized
to carry out:

MCA Compliance Examinations, Annual & Mid-term Examinations, and Inclining Experiments for vessels in commercial use up to 24 metres (Load Line Length).

Specific consultancy is provided for larger vessel under LY2.

To read more about MCA Surveys click here.

CE inspections of newly build vessels or vessels already in service seeking compliance
with the RCD (European Recreational Craft Directive).

To read more about CE-marking Surveys click here

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