During the construction of a new vessel or the refit of an existing vessel there are obvious advantages in having an independent Surveyor inspecting quality of work and progress. Other parties involved in the project may have some interests influencing their decision-making whilst an independent professional Surveyor acts factually and objectively and most importantly unbiased.

Special inspections are carried out before scheduled payments are due or other critical phases of the project are approached with the purpose to assess that the agreed work has been or is being satisfactorily accomplished and the specification of the contract fulfilled.

Periodic inspections at given intervals throughout the duration of the project further ensure that any and every installation, repair, upgrade or modification is carried-out with full respect to the highest standards, avoiding expensive surprises and annoying delays at a later date.

Other services include:

  • Owner representation
  • Build specification development
  • Onsite staged Inspection specialist & general
  • Progress monitoring
  • Project planning
  • Sea trial Specification & acceptance
  • Classification & coding liaison
  • Warranty and performance
  • Reporting and documentation

Liaison with Classification Societies and Administrations Surveyors guarantee that all technical and statutory requirements are dealt with in the most beneficial way for the owner of the vessel.

At near-completion stage thorough sea-trials are carried out to confirm that everything is fully functional and the vessel is ready to be delivered.
Detailed progress reports are provided after each inspection

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